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A simple hooked needle, skeins of fine thread, a piece of silk stretched taut on a wooden frame, nimble fingers and a keen eye, are the canvas and tools of this art.
These skills have been passed on for generations.

At the AARITREE we do a compelling 4000 stitches to a square inch and in colours that go well beyond a hundred shades to create unique works of hand embroidered art.

The finer the work, the longer it takes to create. It is therefore not hard to understand why a Tree of Life takes about a year to complete and larger works even longer.

An exclusive range consists of embroidery on fine silk using a single strand of untwisted silk as fine as a cobweb, dyed in natural pigments and with 7000 stitches to a square inch.

Besides the joy of owning a fine piece of art, the hand embroidered panels have many uses. From framed wall hangings to empanelling entire walls, dressing four poster beds, curtains, bedcovers, upholstery for finely crafted chairs and wherever beauty is a function by itself.

It has been ten years now and the decade proudly presents a collection fit for kings. Tree of Life on silk in myriad colors and moods, reinforced with a cotton lining make a lasting heirloom to be passed on from generation to generation.   |   Copyright Aaritree 2011