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In the quest for creating something extraordinary, and with the desire to revive the fast dying skill of this ancient embroidery, the founders of AARITREE, Lali and Usha, drove to the heartland of where such craftsmen were rumored to be found.

In their hunt for this ancient skill they were met with uninspiring work being churned out in dimly lit and airless rooms. In a world fast turning to mechanized systems for instant gratification, fine hand embroidery had been pushed into oblivion by repetitive machine work. Lali and Usha decided to rebuild the lost skill on the spark they found in a few karigars.

It was a long and frustrating road to convince these gifted men to disregard the constraints of time and money and to delve into the seemingly impossible. Through the days of endless experimenting with fabrics and threads and increasingly smaller stitches, a team of fine karigars evolved. Karigars who were surprised by their own amazing ability, men who wanted to compete with their own last stitch.

Inspired by the Tree of Life prints, textiles and paintings of the 17th and 18th centuries, we at AARITREE are redefining the boundaries of art and skill using aari embroidery.

The Tree of Life, through its powerful cycle of regeneration symbolizes not only the fountain head of life but also the very essence of eternity which is the deepest quest of the human soul. In no less measure it also symbolizes creativity, nurturing, shelter and connectivity of all things. The tree of life is the genre chosen by the AARITREE and is created in such detail that each leaf , stem and petal is a microcosm of art and design in itself.

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